Crypto trading on TradeToolsFX Crypto Trading Platform (TTFX-CTP)
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Crypto trading is a trading terminal (TTFX-CTP), based on our company's own development. It can also be used as an independent platform for working with crypto currency. The system works with Forex and binary options. The terminal is in demand among traders who are interested in making transactions with crypto-currencies.

TTFX CTP Main advantages

The trading terminal TTFX-CTP has several important advantages. It is used on the most popular platforms for trading. A huge number of traders use our system. Using our platform, today our clients do not face a serious problem: when working with a crypto currency they have to use third-party services and spend a lot of time.

The fact is that during the development of platforms bitcoins and forks were not as popular as now. The bulk of traders worked with currencies. Today the currency Crypto has established itself as an attractive option for investment and stock trading. Market participants were interested in the possibility of exchanging currency currencies for crypto-currencies and vice versa.

That's why there was cryptographic trade - terminal, which will allow you to trade in fiat and crypto-currencies, without being distracted from the bidding process. You will see the dynamics of the movement of prices for crypto currency in real time. The system is convenient for experienced and novice market players.

Forex and binary options

The trading terminal works not only with Forex - it can be used at the conclusion of transactions with binary options. Some traders are attracted to binary options and opportunities to earn on this financial instrument. To make transactions, there is no need to transfer funds to the currency. With Crypto trading you can use the Crypto currency without any restrictions.

This makes the new terminal almost universal. It will be useful to all traders who use crypto-currencies and see the future in electronic money and blocking. The currency of Fiat can not compete with the crypto currency for several important reasons.

One of the problems of currency currencies is that they differ relatively low volatility and do not provide such broad prospects. Sharp currency surges are extremely rare. As a rule, the currency falls quickly, but the growth in its value is very slow. Crypto currency is more interesting and promising. They have been growing in value for many years. Since its inception, bitkoyn has rarely demonstrated negative dynamics. Its cost continues to grow, although today almost everyone knows about bitcoins.

A single trading platform is our TradeToolsFX Crypto Trading Platform (TTFX-CTP) system.

To use the Crypto trading terminal, you do not need to download MetaTrader. The terminal can be used stand-alone (TTFX-CTP), without additional third-party platforms. Do you want to completely focus on crypto-currencies? Then do not overload your platform and do not use MetaTrader 4 or 5.

The terminal will help you to quickly complete transactions, receiving fresh reports on the cost of crypto currency. While other traders are looking for information on the Internet, you already have time to break the jackpot. Information and functional programs are important advantages that any trader would like to have, interested in his own success.

The system is reliable. It does not freeze and does not cause problems when downloading information. Therefore, the trader receives many new opportunities. He is always one step ahead of other market participants.

In the trading terminal, you can also fill orders, track the latest news, conduct technical analysis, use advisers and follow technical indicators. The system has no shortcomings, it is even more advanced than previous developments. To evaluate its advantages, you only need to download the terminal and try it during the auction.

System Features

Crypto Trading is a system that allows you to expose several types of orders. The system performs several types of operations, including the immediate completion of the operation. A trader can choose the instruments for trading that interest him. The terminal can be used on different devices. It will be perfectly displayed not only on the computer. Track information and make transactions, you can not only at home.

Analyzing the financial market, the crypto currency is not very secure without special security. Now the trader has the opportunity to conduct an accurate analysis and get more profit. The percentage of successful transactions will increase dramatically. Crypto-trading is simply a convenient functional solution for a modern player in the foreign exchange market. If you are interested in crypto currency, you can not do without this terminal.

Our TradeToolsFX Crypto Trading Platform is fully compatible with MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5



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