Client portal

Client portal - a tool for improving business performance

One of the ways to interact between users and technical support of any commercial project is the client portal - the operational communication channel. With its help, we are able to optimize the system of interaction with customers, thereby making the work of users more efficient.

• to see your balance promptly;
• operationally see the transaction history;
• promptly replenish the balance (open a deposit);
• promptly withdraw funds.

Using the customer portal, our customers can solve a number of issues without direct contact to the operator: to view their personal information and purchase history, replenish the balance, withdraw funds and correspond with the support service.

Automation of the processes of interaction between the client / customer and the company that sells services, as well as the possibility of self-service are an important competitive advantage. Many of our clients appreciate this advantage of our company.

To date, a significant number of customers prefer the use of this communication channel calls to the customer service, correspondence by email, filling out a standard web-form for filing an application. Customers who are accustomed to solve most of the issues through a private office are unlikely to leave a well-known Internet service project that has this service for the sake of a resource with a less convenient interface. Thus, the client portal acts as a mechanism for an excellent communication tool.

The client portal removes a significant part of the load from the support staff.

Our clients can independently implement:

• submission of applications for the provision of services;
• obtaining information on registered applications;
• evaluation of the quality of the company's work;
• addressing current issues.

The client portal helps to save the time of the service staff and the time of our customers, thereby allowing our customers to spend more time earning money.

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