TradeToolsFX incorporates Advanced Markets for liquidity

Posted on June 22, 2016

Advanced Markets is a wholesale provider of liquidity, credit and technology solutions to brokers and banks that offer FX, metals, energy and CFD trading to clients. Currently, the firm’s solutions power leading brokers and banks throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Advanced Markets’ partnership solutions provide brokers with a range of competitive advantages, including direct market access to live, executable prices from leading global FX banks enabling consistent, low latency trade executions with no re- quotes, rare slippage and rejection rates below one per cent. To complement this liquidity offering, Advanced Markets’ platforms provide brokers and their clients with low latency streaming multi-contributor market data to optimize trading models, MetaTrader Expert Advisors and risk management programs. Brokers themselves benefit by using Advanced Markets’ real-time market data to power their internal risk and liquidity management models.

Advanced Markets provides world-class technology solutions for brokers and banks as well as a robust trading platform for institutional market participants. All Advanced Markets’ platforms and their underlying operating infrastructure have been developed from the ground up to support direct market access in the foreign exchange market. This single focus has produced a system that supports low latency DMA trading with remarkable operational stability and reliability. The system at the core of Advanced Markets’ technology infrastructure is a single platform that supports all trading, credit, liquidity, risk management, reporting and other functionality. By using a single, unified system, Advanced Markets’ can process trades in under one millisecond and ensure optimal operational stability and reliability. Advanced Markets’ technology system has been in continuous production and development at the firm since 2009. In live operations at the world’s leading brokers, the firm’s systems have run for years without a moment of downtime. Advanced Markets’ UltiMT™ MetaTrader broker solution has been in production since 2003 consistently processing trade daily volumes of USD12 billion and monthly ticket volumes of 5.5 million. Capacity constraints with MetaTrader are not a factor with UltiMT, which can process tens of thousands of orders per session. Advanced Markets technology solutions and operational infrastructure are available on a hosted basis or provided for operation within clients’ infrastructure.

Advanced Markets’ platforms are priced more robustly than other anonymous multibank trading venues including ECNs.

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