TradeTools FX technology group products.

  • Binary Option for MT5

    Forex brokers offering MT5 can now capitalize on the growing popularity of Binary Options with the TradeTools FX Binary Options solution. The TTFX BO solution can be utilized by a broker to increase revenues from their existing client base or as a tool to attract new clients to MT5 for both BO and Forex trading.

  • Autochartist for Binary Options on MT4

    TradeToolsFX has partnered with Autochartist to integrate trading alerts into their proprietary binary options solution for MT4. Alerts are provided on 1min, 2min and 5min data intervals – ensuring that traders always have new ideas being pushed to their trading screen.


    • Real-time alerts to helps traders identify potential buy/sell opportunities
    • Seamless integration onto FX LITE for MT4
    • Alerts for all expiry’s with directional bias, pattern type and time the alert was generated
    • Display signals from specific instruments or click “Show All Symbols” to see alerts from any binary options symbols listed in the MT4 Market Watch window
    • Autochartist Technical Analysis window can be moved anywhere on the desktop
    (Clicking Download will redirect to separate page with “TTFX_Autochartist Download and Installation” content.)
  • Binary Options on MT4

    The TradeTools FX Binary Options on MT4 is a standalone client-side program that interacts with MT4 without using DLL/EXE files in the MT4 client terminal. The BO plugin can be utilized by a broker to increase revenues from their existing client base or as a tool to attract new clients to MT4 for both Binary Option and Forex trading.

    Cost effective Binary Options solution for MT4 brokers not needing website development, payment processing or a CRM solution.

    Utilizes MT4 for accounting and trade history functionality.

    Does not affect the functionality of MT4 – clients can still trade Forex, run custom indicators and EAs on Forex and Binary Option charts.

    Also comes with the FX LITE Admin tool where the broker is able to run reports, set contract expirations, payout percentages and manage risk.

    Brokers can also offer Binary Options trading over MT4 to their network of White Labels and IB partners.

  • Binary Option Expert Advisors (EAs) for MT4

    By incorporating Binary Options trading into the MT4 platform, traders can now utilize the most popular feature of MT4 – Expert Advisors (EAs). Binary Options EAs allow traders to automate their Binary Options strategies thus removing emotions from trading decisions.

    Expert Advisors (EAs) are an invaluable feature of MT4 for Forex traders around the world. Besides using EAs to automate trading strategies, traders also use EAs to create Custom Indicators and Scripts on MT4 chart widows. Traders use Custom Indicators and Indicators to help aide their technical analysis and trading decisions.

    Key Features:

    • Fully automate Binary Options trading strategies
    • Create Custom Indicators and Scripts to identify trading opportunities
    • Built utilizing MQL - no need to learn a new coding language
    • Access to 1000’s of existing EAs for Bianry Options trading
    • Leverage the global MT4 ecosystem
    • Monitor Binary Option EA trading activity on mobile devices

    Expert Advisor Coding.

    TradeTools FX can convert existing Forex EAs to trade Binary Options. We can also code a manual Binary Options trading strategy to be compatible with MT4.

  • FX LITE: Binary Options

    The FX LITE Binary Options system is a complete BO web based trading platform. The system can easily be offered as a standalone Binary Option platform as an alternative to the current web based BO platforms.

    FX LITE BO enables a broker to launch a standalone BO offering with a web based platform, mobile trading capabilities and integrated MAT. The system is unique in that no third party is needed giving the broker full control over pricing, option contract specifica- tions, risk management and trading profits.

    The trading platform contains all the functionality of a Forex trading platform with stream- ing realtime prices, advanced charting with technical indicators, trade history, open positions and balance information.

    The BO system comes with an Admin tool where the broker is able to run reports, set contract expirations and payout percentages.

    Reports available:

    • Current exposure – displayed on a chart and table format
    • Open positions – Account Position, Symbol, Type, Open Time, Open price, Current price, Expire type, Expire Time Investment
    • Closed positions – can be run on the account or group level

    The broker also has the option to offer fixed expirations or floating expirations as a further risk management control. Prices can be streamed into the BO system from MT4 or other source.

  • MT4 Multi Account Trader (MAT)

    The First Multi Account Trader Application embedded within the MT4 Terminal. The MAT was designed specifically for brokerages to offer their Professional Traders and Money Managers a convenient trading tool to operate multiple MT4 trading accounts simultane- ously, while trading from one Master Account.

    The MAT system is the first and only allocation tool to be integrated within the MT4 platform and will not interfere with other non-MAT MT4 client terminals

    Multi-Account Trader Client Features:

    • Login To One MT4 Terminal
    • Allocate Trades To Multiple Sub Accounts
    • Flexible Allocation Parameters – Lot, Free Margin, Percentage, Balance or Equity
    • Display All Trades In A Tree Structure
    • MetaQuotes Approved MT4 Integration
    • Embedded Inside Native MT4 Terminal
    • MAT Can Run EAs On Any Number Of Accounts
    • Ability To Close Individual Sub-Accounts Trades


    • Increases Trading Volumes
    • Full Control To Broker Over Manager’s Activities
    • Intuitive Management / Trading Interface
    • Quick and Hassle Free Deployment

    The FX LITE Multi Account Trader brings all of the functionality of the MT4 MAT to a web based platform for ultimate flexibility.

    The FX LITE MAT system is the first and only allocation tool to be integrated within a web based platform that can be integrated into a brokers existing MT4 infrastructure or offered as a standalone web based platform

    Multi-Account Trader Client Features:

    • Single login to a Master account
    • Allocate Trades To Multiple Sub Accounts
    • Flexible Allocation Parameters – Lot, Free Margin, Percentage, Balance or Equity
    • Display All Trades in a ‘Subs’ tab
    • MAT Can Run EAs On Any Number Of Accounts
    • Ability To Close Individual Sub-Accounts Trades


    • Increases Trading Volumes
    • Full Control To Broker Over Manager’s Activities
    • Intuitive Management / Trading Interface
    • Quick and Hassle Free Deployment
  • FX LITE: Desktop

    The FX LITE Desktop is feature rich trading platform developed based on the latest web technologies that simplifies the setup, management and application processes for brokers.

    FX LITE utilizes a simple integration to MT4 and supports Forex, Metals and Binary Options through our custom MT4 server plugin.

    With our ease of branding and customization capabilities, our products are the perfect choice for small, medium and large sized brokers. We support all modern browsers on a Mac and PC (IE9+, Google Chrome, Firefox) and no installation is necessary for the client side. All proxy and VPNs are also supported.

    Key Features:

    • Fully customized charting package with technical indicators
    • English, French and Spanish languages with the ability to add additional languages on demand
    • Single click execution
    • Stop loss, take profit and trailing stop order types
  • FX LITE: Mobile and Tablet

    FX LITE Mobile and Tablet allows your clients trade on any mobile device over WiFi or standard cellular networks. The system is designed to maximize a trader’s experience on smaller screens without compromise or the complexity of a native application.

    No installation for the client side. Can work over GPRS/EDGE networks as well as other slower channels (uses 200KB to download). Supports any proxy or VPN.

    Supports iPad, iPad 2, iPad mini, iPhone 3G and later as well as Android 2.2 +. The system also supports retina and other high density screens.

    Each customer will be able to set or modify trade positions with the touch of a finger on their tablet. Click up or down for each individual digit, and easily submit your modification. Switch between the modification screen and graphs with one touch

  • FX LITE: Admin

    The FX LITE Admin centralizes all the FX LITE tools giving the broker the ability to manage the entire FX LITE system from a single terminal.

    The FX LITE Admin includes MAT, Binary Options and reporting capabilities for a broker to control all the settings of the trading system, create and manage Master and Sub accounts, run detailed reports for Forex and BO clients and many more functions.

  • MT4 Account Management Tool

    The Account Management Tool provides a broker the ability to manage accounts over multiple MT4 Servers within a single environment. This enables a broker to view and manage accounts on different servers without the need to connect to a specific server(s).

    The Account Management Tool consists of following components:

    • Account Management MT4 Server Plugin
    • Account Management Service
    • Admin Center
    • Control Center
    • Available Reports:
    • Closed positions report
    • Open positions report
    • Unrealized P&L by groups and users
    • Unrealized P&L by symbols and groups
    • Group markup

    The Account Management Tool consists of following components:

    • A/B Book controls with the use of the use of TTFX FIX Bridge or Virtual Dealer
    • MT4 server(s) control with the ability to make change in realtime without the need to restart the server
    • System prevents account duplication on multiple servers with the ability to override this feature.
    • Bulk account creation
    • Web console with reporting
  • MT4 Monitoring System

    The MT4 Monitoring System is a sophisticated tool designed for brokers managing multiple MT4 servers. Brokers are able to monitor the health of multiple servers, pricing data and many other features using a single login via the MT4 Monitoring System.

    The MT4 Monitoring System is comprised of a two separate tools that work together to give a broker a comprehensive overview of their MT4 servers and pricing data in realtime.

    The Price monitoring tool is a simple application that allows a broker to view pricing data in realtime to ensure accurate and timely quote updates for your clients. Alerts can be set to pop up as an alert and/or send email to the broker if conditions that the broker sets are triggered.

    The system also monitors all MT4 server activity to ensure the health and reliability of 1 or more MT4 servers. This information gives the broker the ability to view

    • Total accounts
    • Total orders
    • CPU usage
    • Order.dat file

    All information is displayed in realtime in an easy to read format. The extensive search capability allows a broker to quickly search all trade activities across multiple servers.

    The system also allows a broker to set parameters to catch unwanted activities on their server and set filters to watch activity of certain traders. A broker can create filters based on a specific activity in an account.

    The filter feature shows all messages that are triggered realtime on the interface giving the broker a customizable monitoring tool that can be color coded for effcient monitoring of client activity.

  • Forex Trading System

    The Forex Trading System is a revolutionary trading platform designed as a complete turnkey system for Forex and Binary options brokers. The system is engineered based on the latest IT technology and offers clients a rich GUI and faster performance utilizing streaming database architecture.

    The system is fully scalable and secure and runs on Windows and Linux OS. The client terminal can be used as web based (no installation required) or as client side utility. Both options have similar functionalities. The Forex Trading System is a complete platform solution for brokers consisting of Trade server, Administration Client and Trade Client.


    • Simple White Labeling process
    • Market orders execution, partial close
    • Pending orders: buy stop, sell stop, buy limit and sell limit
    • Stop loss and take profit
    • Trailing stop supported on the server side
    • Multi Account Trading (MAT) out-of-the box (profit/loss distribution on an number of virtual accounts)
    • Quotations history with 1 minute granularity and which size is constrained only by hardware capabilities
    • Multiple quotation feeds with extendable support for feed formats
    • Secure communication protocol based on Google Protocol Buffers
    • Cassandra database versus Oracle or SQL for faster performance
  • MT4 FIX Bridge

    The MT4 Bridge plugin provides automated dealer functionality and allows a broker to connect directly to a liquidity provider of their choice – Integral, Currenex, First Derivatives, etc. The bridge can also be used to connect to another MT4 server.

    The FIX Bridge plugin uses a configuration file to determine how to process the incoming order request. Each entry in configuration file corresponds either to A Book or B Book processing.

  • MT4 Trade Copier

    The Trade Copier Plugin is designed to automatically copy items from specific groups into a single MT4 account. Plugin settings allow the broker to set various parameters such as groups, symbols and account number, as well as the multiplier for changes in the volume of copied items.

    The Trade Copier fully syncs positions between accounts according to your specifications. The broker has the option to copy or reverse their clients’ trades. When reversing trades, the broker can choose to include the spread or trade on the exact price of the original trade. This allows a broker to setup a single risk management account to track balance, volume and exposure.

  • MT4 Multi Commission Plugin

    The Multi Agent Commission Plugin allows you to allocate agent commis- sion by points or money to an unlimited number of agents or sub-IB's.

    Any changes are updated in realtime using a simple text based config file, which does not require an MT4 server restart. You can set several filters using groups / accounts and or symbols.

    The plugin uses very little server resources since it is installed as an MT4 server API plugin which does not use the slower manager API.

    The Multi Agent Commissions Plugin allows a broker to distribute spread commission between your introducing brokers and afiliate agents with maximum fiexibility compared to standard setup offered via MT4. The flexibility is demonstrated by the ability of a broker to spread commissions to any number of agents based on position symbol, account group and account number. The size of commission can be set in % or in points from trade size. The Multi Agent Commission tool provides a broker an easy and effective solution for commission management.

  • MT4 Depth of Market (“DoM”)

    The Depth of Market (“DoM”) plugin enhances the MT4 terminal by provid- ing traders with valuable information regarding market size and depth in realtime on the Bid and Offer prices.

    The DoM appears in a chart window so traders can view both changes in price as well as available liquidity at different price levels. The One-Click Trading feature allows traders to eficiently execute Buy-Sell decisions based on the information displayed in the DoM window.

    The DoM easily integrates into your MT4 platform and appears in a dynamic chart window for easy visibility and access. Place trades at the most ideal time using the one-click trading feature.

    With the DoM, traders can easily view changes in volume at varying price levels.

  • Virtual Dealer plugin

    The Virtual Dealer plugin is designed for automatic execution of client requests. The options available with the plugin gives a broker the flexibly of how he responds to a client’s request depending on the symbol, price and the size of the position.

    One of the key features is the ability to change the price request processing, depending on the settings. You can set the difference between requested price and processing price in points or in currency.

    The Virtual Dealer works seamlessly with the Currenex and Integral order execution systems. In Demo mode, the plugin contains a ‘virtual bank’ to replicate Live trade execution via Currenex or Integral without incurring fees or sending Live orders to the banks

    All parameters are set at the account group level or to specific accounts. The plugin also allows you to set an execution delay to simulate STP bank execution.

  • Risk Control Manager

    Control the Risk - The Risk Control Manager plugin is designed to set custom risk controls as an extra level of risk management for proprietary (prop) trading groups.

    The plugin is designed to prevent traders from exceeding loss thresholds set by the risk manager. Threshold settings be based on:

    • Maximum money loss per day
    • Maximum volume of the trades per day
    • Maximum single position size

    These settings can be applied on a Group or Account level so a broker can monitor trading activities for certain traders or groups of traders.

    The Auto Close/Delete function is triggered when pre-set thresholds are exceeded. If a trader does hit one of these limits, all of their open positions will be liquidated and the account will be blocked from trading until the next restart period.