TTFX Freedom

TTFX Freedom is your pathway to independence! TTFX Freedom is a complete turnkey solution for Forex brokers large and small. TTFX's management team and developers spent countless hours analyzing industry trends and the needs of brokers to come up with this revolutionary offering. TTFX Freedom is designed to help Forex brokers maximize their revenue potential while meeting the needs of their clients and capitalizing on market trends.

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TTFX Freedom Liquidity Bridge

TTFX gives brokers the ability to connect to the deepest liquidity from market leaders such as Integral, LMAX, First Derivatives, Hotspot and others including non-bank LPs for the most competitive spreads in the industry. The TTFX Freedom Bridge enables brokers to connect to their liquidity providers of choice WITHOUT paying costly and unnecessary per million transaction fees. The TTFX Freedom Liquidity Bridge currently processes around $100B per month and allows the Broker to either A book or B book order flow based on account group and symbol settings.

TTFX MetaTrader (MT4) Platform

TTFX offers MT4, the most world's most popular Forex trading platform. TTFX can assist in the ordering and installation process of an MT4 server in an Equinix data center will a full redundant server in an alternative data center. TTFX can also help with MT4 white label setup or dedicated server setup from MetaQuotes. TTFX does not mark up the charges from MetaQuotes.


FX LITE is a complete platform solution that incorporates Binary Options, Multi Account Trader (“MAT”) and is accessible through MT4 or any HTML5-compatible device – Desktop, Tablet or Mobile. FX LITE can be integrated as part of an existing MT4 infrastructure or as a standalone platform solution. All components of FX LITE can be white labeled with a broker's logo and color scheme to reinforce to company's brand and image. FX LITE can be run using either an MT4 server plugin OR an MT4 Manager account. FX LITE comes with the FX LITE Admin where all functionality of FX LITE are controlled and monitored.

Binary Options – The FX LITE Binary Options solution can be used both on MT4 and on FX LITE via Desktop or Tablet. On MT4, it works as a standalone client-side program that interacts with MT4 without using DLL/EXE files in the MT4 client terminal. The Binary Options plugin can be utilized by a broker to increase revenues from their existing client base or as a tool to attract new clients to MT4 for both Binary Option and Forex trading.

Multi Account Trader – The FX LITE Multi Account Trader (“MAT”) was designed specifically for brokerages to offer their Professional Traders and Money Managers a convenient trading tool to operate multiple MT4 trading accounts simultaneously, while trading from one Master Account. Money Managers can utilize seamlessly access MAT on either MT4 or the FX LITE Desktop platform.

Multi-Account Trader Client Features:

  • Login To One MT4 Terminal
  • Allocate Trades To Multiple Sub Accounts
  • Flexible Allocation Parameters – Lot, Free Margin, Percentage, Balance or Equity
  • Display All Trades In A Tree Structure
  • MetaQuotes Approved MT4 Integration
  • Embedded Inside Native MT4 Terminal
  • MAT Can Run EAs On Any Number Of Accounts
  • Ability To Close Individual Sub-Accounts Trades


  • Increases Trading Volumes
  • Full Control To Broker Over Manager’s Activities
  • Intuitive Management / Trading Interface
  • Quick and Hassle Free Deployment

Desktop – The FX LITE Desktop is feature rich trading platform developed based on the latest web technologies that simplifies the setup, management and application processes for brokers.

FX LITE utilizes a simple integration to MT4 and supports Forex, Metals and Binary Options through our custom MT4 server plugin.

With our ease of branding and customization capabilities, our products are the perfect choice for small, medium and large sized brokers. We support all modern browsers on a Mac and PC (IE9+, Google Chrome, Firefox) and no installation is necessary for the client side. All proxy and VPNs are also supported.

Key Features:

  • Fully customized charting package with technical indicators
  • English, Chinese, French and Spanish languages with the ability to add additional languages on demand
  • Single click execution
  • Stop loss, take profit and trailing stop order types

Tablet and Mobile – FX LITE Mobile and Tablet allows your clients trade Forex and Binary Options on any mobile device over WiFi or standard cellular networks. The system is designed to maximize a trader’s experience on smaller screens without compromise or the complexity of a native application.

No installation for the client side. Can work over GPRS/EDGE networks as well as other slower channels (uses 200KB to download). Supports any proxy or VPN.

Supports iPad, iPad 2, iPad mini, iPhone 3G and later as well as Android 2.2 +. The system also supports retina and other high density screens.

Each customer will be able to set or modify trade positions with the touch of a finger on their tablet. Click up or down for each individual digit, and easily submit your modification. Switch between the modification screen and graphs with one touch.


The FX LITE Admin centralizes all the FX LITE tools giving the broker the ability to manage the entire FX LITE system from a single terminal. The FX LITE Admin gives the broker full control over all of the settings of the trading system, including MAT and Binary Options. . This includes all MAT functionality related to Master and Sub accounts as well as all the settings for Binary Option contracts including instruments, expires, maximum investment amount, etc. The FX LITE Admin also gives the broker the ability to run detailed system-wide reports for Open and Closed positions, current and historical exposure and more.

TTFX Trade Platform

The Forex Trading System is a revolutionary trading platform designed as a complete turnkey system for Forex brokers as a cost effective addition or alternative to MT4. The system is engineered based on the latest IT technology and offers clients a rich GUI and faster performance utilizing streaming database architecture for lightning fast trade executions and commands. The system is fully scalable and secure and runs on Windows and Linux OS. The client terminal can be used as web based (no installation required) or as client side utility. Both options have similar functionalities. The Forex Trading System is a complete platform solution for brokers consisting of Trade server, Administrator and Trade Client.

TTFX Tools and Plugins

Our Partners also have access to our full suite of plugins and tools designed to help Brokers attract more clients, improve the trading experience and capitalize of revenue producing activities. TTFX Freedom clients have full access to these solutions at no additional cost! These include the TTFX Trade Copier, Virtual Dealer, Depth of Market, Multi Commission plugin and more.


TTFX offers a fully integrated CRM allowing a broker to manage their interactions with current and future clients. TTFX also offers API integration to leading CRM companies such as, Zoho and others.

TTFX Custom Programming

TTFX Freedom clients will have access to our talented team of programmers for custom development work at below market rates. Come to us with an idea or a problem and our developers will develop a solution for your Forex brokerage. Referrals from past clients available upon request.

24/6 Customer Support

TTFX provides world-class Customer Support to ensure our brokers deliver the best trading experience to their clients. TTFX Customer Support Team members have an average of 7 years’ experience in technology support in the brokerage industry and are on call 24/6 to tend to our clients’ needs. Team members are proficient with all of the TTFX products as well as MT4 and many other third party companies.