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grey label logoAre you planning to establish a Forex or Binary Option brokerage company with minimal costs? Choosing MT4 / MT5 Grey Label may be the best solution for you.

MT4 / MT5 Grey label is a low-cost software that works just like you own the main server, and provides all the necessary assistance to handle the trading requirements of your customers and allows you to expand as your business grows.

About Grey label platform.

Also known as the “Universal White Label”, it may be the first step towards creating a small business of online brokerage Forex and Binary options. In fact, if you try to understand in a clear form, Grey Label is just a shared version of the White Label or Main Label of the MT4 / MT5 platform. For clients who are just starting to work in the Forex industry and have a solid vision of the future of ideas, but do not have financial stability, they can simply start with the Grey Label and, later on, develop into the White Label and Main Label, many of our clients follow the same path and made a brand that they own and successfully run a business.

The Forex and Binary options market itself has redefined the Grey Label platforms, and we not only provide access to managers, but also give them the opportunity to choose their own liquidity solution!
MT4 / MT5 Grey Label users can customize their customers' leverage, stop loss levels, margins and contract sizes to suit their business interests.

We are open to offer any assistance needed in the interim to help initial growth and ensure financial stability in this industry. Thanks to this approach, the user of Grey Label will easily get a hybrid solution and will develop his business. TradeToolsFX provides a wide range of software and tools for trading in the Forex market, from manager to CRM, trader’s room, trading copier, bridge, API, plug-ins and websites, PAMM, MAM and many others to help new Forex brokers start a business and successfully manage it.

It is best to start with White Label Solutions, but their high cost is a problem for many entrepreneurs. Therefore, we offer Forex Grey Label Solutions and Binary options Grey Label Solutions at a very low price compared to Forex White Label, and it works great. Therefore, if you plan to open your own Forex or Binary brokerage business and are worried about the high costs of the White Label, do not worry, we are here to help you.

Another advantage of Grey Label is that you do not need to allocate a separate distributed resource to satisfy all your brokerage needs, instead, our team will be here to take care of your needs around the clock. So you don’t need to worry, as we will always be here to help you with the initial installation.

Our TradeToolsFX Grey Label includes several tools, as well as the following key things:

- MT4 / MT5 Manager
- Securities: Forex, CFDs, stocks, indices and crypto and much more!

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