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TradeToolsFX FXGO Binary Options

Open-source projects

TradeToolsFX FXGO open-source projects and libraries to connect to your projects

We maintain a number of open-source projects on GitHub. Feel free to fork these repositories, and if you wish to submit an enhancement to a project, submit a pull request. You may use GitHub Desktop if you are unfamiliar with git.

TradeToolsFX.com is actively developing these open-source applications:

binary-static – TradeToolsFX.com website
mobile – TradeToolsFX.com mobile app for Android and iOS
webtrader – a desktop application. See Binary Webtrader
binary-bot – an automated strategy builder. See Binary Bot
websockets – this website itself

and the following open-source libraries:

binary-live-api – a high-level API library, to make using the TradeToolsFX.com API easier
binary-charts – reusable binary options charting component. See showcase
binary-style – style guide for TradeToolsFX.com projects. See guide
binary-indicators – technical analysis indicators library
java-api-wrapper – Java wrapper library for the TradeToolsFX.com Websockets API
imacros – compatibility layer for imacros scripts

TradeToolsFX.com's open-source projects are typically published via the Github Pages service.

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