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Monopoly bitcoin is no more, or worthy alternatives to BTC

alternatives to BTCWhich word first comes to mind when we hear the term "cryptocurrency"? Most of us remember bitcoin, the pioneer of the new market, who for several years reigned the ball. Over the years, the picture has changed, and by now the pioneer has lost his monopoly. The success of BTC and the promise of blockade technology have inspired enterprising people around the world - and here is the result: to the question of whether there is an alternative to bitcoin, you can confidently answer "yes." Moreover, there are many alternatives, and many of them deserve the attention of investors.


This cryptocurrency appeared in 2011. Its creator was Charles Lee - a former employee of Google.
Transactions with Litecoin (LTC) are several times faster than with bitcoin, and this is one of the advantages of an alternative cryptocurrency. Mining is also faster.
Restriction: the amount of Litecoin can not exceed 84 million tokens.
At the time of writing this review, the cost of one Litecoin coin was $ 188.30.


Cryptocurrency appeared in 2014 thanks to the efforts of Vitaly Buterin, an IT specialist from Canada, who was born in Russia.
The principles of functioning and circulation of Ethereum (ETH) in many respects resemble those that are put in the basis of bitcoin. There is also a difference: the amount of ETC is not limited by anything, when it is mined it can increase to infinity.
Transactions using Ethereum go much faster than transactions with BTC, and this is another difference between the alternative crypto currency from bitcoin.
At the time of this writing, the price of one Ethereum coin was $ 188.30.


Cryptocurrency was introduced to the public in 2012. It is very peculiar even if it is addressed within the framework of a centralized system.
It's impossible to drop Ripple (XRP). Developers of cryptocurrency - specialists of Ripple Lab - set a fixed number of tokens.
Ripple advantageously differs from many currencies by an extremely high transaction speed. This advantage allows banks using XRP to save huge money, which, in turn, increases the popularity of Ripple.
At the time of this writing, the cost of one Ripple token was $ 0.8764.

This is far from an exhaustive list. Learn the market of cryptocurrencies, choose promising alternatives to bitcoin, invest in them, and it is possible that they will become the gold dwelling for you.

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