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Liquidity for our cliens and brokers (Metatrader 4 and another trading platforms)

TradeToolsFX adds functions to Metatrader 4 and another trading platforms platform

TradeToolsFX is pleased to announce the latest updates for our industry-leading Metatrader 4 and another trading platforms solution. After the only true integration in the industry two years ago, TTFX continued to innovate and improve our offer by adding features such as real-time time charts, the integration of Autochartist sales notifications and the release of applications for the iPhone / Android.

The last update is based on the relentless pursuit of making our solution the most intuitive and convenient platform on the market for binary traders. In previous versions, traders could place only market orders on the Metatrader 4 and another trading platforms tools. In the latest version, traders can enter pending orders, which will be executed only after activation at a predetermined price. Using this "If / Then" logic, traders now have a precise control of the activation price combined with the choice of direction, duration and amount of investment.

Based on this topic of control and transparency, customers can now display the open order status window, which represents a real-time update of all open and pending orders. The information displayed includes the order number, symbol, type, opening price, current price, investment, profit and status. The resulting open positions, investments and open profits are displayed below, giving traders a full overview of all current transactions and binary options status in real time. Transactions are also painted in green or red to give customers a visual signal of their status.

In our ongoing work to develop solutions based on modern binary options on the market today, we work closely with our partner partners to include the offers and feedback they receive from their end customers . This ensures that we develop a product that meets the needs of the trader of binary options, positioning our broker partners as true innovators in the trading industry.

TradeToolsFX includes the main companies for liquidity.

Our company is a wholesale supplier of liquid, credit and technology solutions to brokers and banks offering clients trading in currency, metals, energy and CFD. Currently, the company's solutions are managed by leading brokers and banks throughout America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Affiliate solutions "Extended Markets" provide brokers with a number of competitive advantages, including direct market access to real, executable prices from the world's leading foreign exchange banks, providing consistent, low-cost trading operations without any repetition, rare slips and deviation rates below one percent In addition to this liquidity offer, our company's platforms provide brokers and their customers with market data with a low level of time to optimize Expert models, MetaTrader experts and risk management programs. Brokers win by using market data in real time to use their internal risk management models and liquidity.

Our company provides world-wide technological solutions for brokers and banks, as well as a reliable trading platform for participants in the institutional market. All markets platforms and their basic operating infrastructure were developed from the ground up to support direct access to markets in the foreign exchange market. This single focus created a system that supports low-cost DMA trading with remarkable operational stability and reliability. The system underlying the technological infrastructure is a single platform that supports all trade, credit, liquidity, risk management, reporting and other functions. Using a single unified system, we can process transactions for less than one millisecond and provide optimal stability and reliability. Our technological system is in continuous production and development in the company since 2009. In real operations with the world's leading brokers, the company's systems operate for many years without pause. Our technological solutions and operating infrastructure are available on the basis of location or are provided to work in the infrastructure of customers.

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