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Mobile app for trading cryptocurrency binary options
(Google Android and Apple iOS)

Mobile app for trading cryptocurrency binary options (Google Android and Apple iOS).

Why do you need a mobile application for trading cryptocurrency binary options

cryptogoSimple management of transactions with binary options on cryptocurrencies using the Mobile Crypto Trading Platform (Crypto GO)

- Looking for a reliable trading platform for operations with binary options on crypto-currencies?

- Already repeatedly faced with unreliability of trading systems during work and do not want repetitions?

- Do you want to be able to combine all operations with binary options on crypto-currencies in one service on your own device without using third-party services?

To solve a lot of problems when working with binary options on crypto currency, the universal platform Mobile Crypto Trading (Crypto GO) was created, which provides the trader with more opportunities to manage financial transactions and reduce risks.

What is the Mobile Crypto Trading Platform (Crypto GO)

It is a trading platform that consists of several interconnected devices connected to the main trading server. The server stores the main settings for the successful operation of the system. The main components of the platform are:

1. Trading server - carries out the processing of accounts.

2. The administrator terminal - from which the system is controlled.

3. Web terminal is a platform component that allows you to manage financial transactions in the market through a web browser and does not require the installation of additional software.

4. Mobile application - allows you to trade in financial markets with a mobile phone.

5. Application "Desktop" - for the performance of financial transactions in foreign exchange markets with the help of a stationary computer.

Using the Mobile Crypto Trading platform, you can:

- Use bitcoins to trade stocks without resorting to additional services.

- To see the prices for crypto-currencies in real time from any device - laptop, tablet, mobile phone, home desktop computer.

- Save time when working with binary options on crypto-currencies.

Simplify the work with "Forex" and binary options

Bitcoins are considered one of the most promising areas in the financial market, since many years do not cease to grow in price. Mobile Crypto Trading Platform - a system that allows you to work with Forex and binary options, using crypto currency without restrictions.

But if you want to focus exclusively on working with binary options on crypto-currencies, Crypto GO's capabilities allow you to abandon additional systems, such as MetaTrader. Platform Crypto GO will easily cope with this itself. Thus, you get rid of system overload, hangup and disruption of profitable trades for technical reasons. In addition, MCTP as a single platform provides:

- quick filling of applications;

- effective tracking of news on the market and getting the latest information;

- analysis of the situation on the market with the help of consultants.

- Convenient management of crypto-currencies for both experienced market players and newcomers.

You get the opportunity to quickly perform financial transactions and minimize possible risks.

Affordable Affiliate Program
Increase your revenue by attracting new customers to the system:

- Tell your friends and partners about the MCTP platform;

- register your customers in the system;

- get the partner's code after its registration is a guarantee of getting a reward;

- profit from attracting new partners and their clients.

The interest rate you set for yourself. Use the Mobile Crypto Trading Platform for successful transactions and save time.


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