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PAMM Account Concept

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A PAMM account is a trading account consisting of one or more Managed accounts, which in their totality represent a single trading structure, the trading within which the PAMM Account Manager conducts. If there are several Managed accounts in the same PAMM-account, then the trading platform considers them as a single whole.

How does the PAMM-account function? Everything is extremely simple: both the profit and losses accumulated on the PAMM-account are divided proportionally between the Investors' accounts.

Open a PAMM-account is very profitable for Investors, as the latter have a real opportunity to make a profit without making any trading operations on their account and not delving into the subtleties of the science of investing. The PAMM-account is favorable and the Manager receiving remuneration for performing operations on managing the Investor's accounts. To select the best option for the PAMM-account, the investor should first familiarize himself with their rating and assess the effectiveness of the trading of Managers.

 Rollover of PAMM-accounts

What is the Rollover of PAMM-accounts (hereinafter referred to as "Rollover")? Rollover is a procedure that takes place at the end of each trading hour. In fact, Rollover is a summary summarizing the following operations:

fixation of trading results;
calculation of the Manager's Remuneration;
analysis and execution of applications for the input / output of capital;
update of useful information provided on the Company's website.

There are 2 types of Rollover:

Open Rollover - is intended for collecting statistical data and updating information on the PAMM and Managed accounts, calculating and paying rewards to Partners and the Manager, executing requests for input / output.
Closed Rollover - is designed to collect statistical data and update information on the PAMM and Managed accounts on the Company's website. Applications for input and output are not provided for and not executed.

PAMM-Account Rating

The PAMM-account rating is presented by Public PAMM-accounts, which meet the following requirements:

The PAMM-account was registered at least one month ago;
registration data were verified and confirmed by the Manager;
the Manager's capital is at least some pre-agreed amount (eg 3000USD / 2000EUR).

By default, the PAMM-account rating is distributed according to their profitability for the last 6 months. Ratings can be conducted on the following parameters:

Level of return per month;
Level of return for 3 months;
Level of return for 6 months;
Level of profitableness for a year;
The Manager's Capital and its Popularity;
Other parameters.

Monitoring of PAMM-accounts

The PAMM-account monitoring system allows you to display the results of trading operations in a graphical form without taking into account the balance sheet operations.

The principle, according to which the PAMM Account Monitoring System is working, is a unit system. Pai is a parameter reflecting the Investor's share, the volume of its investments in the total volume and composition of the PAMM-account (similar to the Investment Payer).

The price of the Unit is the most important indicator that reflects the state (change) of funds on the PAMM-account. The price of the unit is built solely on the basis of the results of trading operations. The price of the Unit is the same for all those who invest in the PAMM-account, the price of the Unit is calculated as the ratio of the Funds to the Number of Units of a particular PAMM-account. The PAMM-Account Price is recalculated in each Rollover of PAMM-accounts.

Investments in the PAMM-accounts allow the Manager to work with the funds of several investors simultaneously within the same trading account, correctly distribute the profit between them. The investor, in turn, selecting the Manager, receives profit, completely controlling his own account.

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