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Bitcoin Private has taken place in the bitcoin network

Bitcoin Private has taken place in the bitcoin networkToday, on February 28, at 17:00 UTC in the bitcoin network and ZClassic, Bitcoin Private has been hosted, which will support the protocol based on the zero-disclosure zk-SNARK.
Update 2
The average price of ZClassic since the moment of the hard-core subsided by 60% (as of 18:53 UTC).
TradeSatoshi again went online. The drop in the price of ZClassic on this platform was almost 90%.

Update 1
The TradeSatoshi currency exchange, which supports Bitcoin Private, went offline about 17:10 UTC, informing users about the DDoS attack.


The development team also posted on Twitter detailed instructions for bitcoin holders and ZClassic on how to receive BTCP coins.

Let's remind, Bitcoin Private is the first fork of the bitcoin, based on two blockboys. Its key feature will be the use of the zk-SNARK protocol to hide transaction data. This technology was initially used by developers of anonymous crypto currency ZCash.

The block size in the network will be 2Mb, and the frequency of generation of new units will be 2.5 minutes, while each will contain 12.5 BTCP.

BTCP coins will traditionally be distributed in a 1: 1 ratio between bitcoin holders and ZClassic.

The multi-currency Coinomi wallet and the HitBTC and TradeSatoshi crypto currency exchanges supported the new fork.

Representatives of the Bittrex exchange stressed that holders of ZClassic will also receive BTCP coins, despite the fact that the site will not add a fork to the listing.

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