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Bitcoin - "superstar" of the foreign exchange market

Bitcoin - "superstar" of the foreign exchange market Bitcoin - "superstar" of the foreign exchange market

Despite the fact that bitcoin is still a very young currency, even the dollar can envy its popularity. He often becomes an object of excitement on trading floors. Thousands of people around the world literally hunt for this virtual currency. Mining has become quite a serious activity. A couple of decades ago, it was hard to imagine, but today it's reality. Let's try to understand why so popular bitcoin.

A bit of history

Bitcoin first appeared in 2009. Then its cost was negligible - 0.05 dollars. In just a few years, the rate of the crypto currency has grown tens of thousands of times, and today, about 1 bitcoin is given about 8,000 dollars. Impressive statistics!

Such an indicator as volatility, that is, price volatility, in bitcoin is beyond competition. No real currency in the world can compete with bitcoin for volatility. It is this - the opportunity to play in large on the difference in rates - so attracts speculators. Bitcoin creates ample room for maneuver, get rich easily and quickly - every financial market player dreams about it.


The advantages of bitcoin

Virtues of bitcoin abound, it was thanks to them that he became such a popular virtual currency. Let us single out the main:

- independence - bitcoin does not depend on the geopolitical and economic situation of any country;
- limited resource - the maximum number of bitcoins is 21 million units, in 2140 its mining (production) will end, which means that the price of the crypto currency will only grow;
- Absence of inflation - the system is constructed in such a way that the speed of mining of the crypto currency is limited and approximately coincides with the rate of gold mining, it is impossible to change these conditions;
- anonymity of transactions - if desired, bargain participants may not report information about themselves and remain anonymous;
- Transparency of transactions - all information about the transaction, except for the sender and the receiver, is available.

Bitcoin has unique properties that no currency of the world can boast of, which is why its popularity is growing day by day. The limited resource creates all the conditions for profitable investment, and competent market analysis and reasonable approach make it possible to make good money for buying and selling bitcoins.

At the moment the situation is such that despite the sharp jumps, the bitcoin rate will only grow, so it is still attractive for investment.

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