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What crypto currency exists

What crypto currency existsIn the world every year, more and more crypto-currency. After successful bitcoin, other projects based on the blockade appeared, which became quite popular. Many users are interested in what crypto currency exists in the world. There are many of them, and it will not work. But you can learn about the largest.

Five world giants crypto-currency

There are more than 850 varieties of crypto-currency in the world, but only 5 of them are quite large. The word "large" means the cost of one unit and the total value of all issued signs. The first place in this list is occupied by bitcoin (Bitcoin) - the market leader. The cost of bitcoin is constantly changing, therefore it is difficult to name any particular figure. Like all crypto-currencies, it is characterized by high volatility.


The second major crypto currency is Ethereum. The network for the etherium was launched in 2015, although in the project it appeared 2 years before. The site has open source code and draws attention of developers interested in such technologies. The Ripple system was launched by the same company earlier - in 2012. The fourth major crypto currency - Litecoin - has gained fame and is available on many crypto-exchange exchanges. It is both a crypto currency and a peering payment system. The fifth crypto currency of the top five is NEM (New Economy Movement).

Understand what the differences of all the listed crypto-currency systems, except perhaps the developer. For the average user, the differences will only be purely nominal. Also, a simple user can notice the difference in cost and specific use of the site.

Others 850 +

There are other crypto-currencies, which in total cost an order of magnitude less than the listed five. There are hundreds of such cryptographers, and they were created around the world by different people. To assess the significance of the first five, it suffices to mention that bitcoin capitalization is 63% of the total capitalization of all crypto-currencies. It is expected that by the year 2100 the last bitcoins will be released, they will end. Old owners can lose passwords and keys from their wallets, die, forget about the property. This will reduce the available currency.

The same can happen with other crypto-currencies. And then their value stabilizes at a certain level. And today crypto-currencies are unstable, but the most interesting is that their number continues to grow.

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