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Crypto Trading Platform

Crypto Trading PlatformCrypto Trading platform from the Company TradeToolsFX!

TradeToolsFX Crypto Trading platform (TTFX-CTP) is an independent platform for working with cryptographic currency. The system works with Forex, binary options, etc.
The specialists of TradeToolsFX have created a platform, which is a distributed system, which in turn is divided into separate components, which ensures high-quality work of the trading platform.
All components of the platform are connected to each other and to the main trading server. The primary server stores the settings of all components.


What are the components of TTFX-CTP:

1. Trading server (designed to process trading account data).
2. Terminal Administrator (designed to manage the trading system).
3. WebTerminal (allows you to trade in financial markets through a web browser, it works in all operating systems and browsers that do not require additional software).
4. Mobile application (this component allows you to trade in financial markets with a mobile application, it works on the operating systems of iOS or Android).
5. Desktop application (Desktop terminal, which allows you to trade in financial markets with a desktop computer).

Advantages of TradeToolsFX Crypto Trading platform (TTFX-CTP):

- To use the Crypto trading platform, you do not need to download MetaTrader. (the platform can be used stand-alone (TTFX-CTP));
- The platform will help you quickly perform operations, receiving fresh reports on the cost of crypto currency. While other traders are looking for information on the Internet;
- there is a possibility not only to fill orders, but also to monitor the latest news, conduct technical analysis, with the help of consultants, and follow technical indicators;
- to make transactions, there is no need to transfer funds to the currency. With TTFX-CTP you can use the Crypto currency without any restrictions.
- TradeToolsFX Crypto Trading platform is fully compatible with MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5

Crypto-trading is a simple and convenient functional solution for a modern player in the foreign exchange market. A system TradeToolsFX Crypto Trading platform is an excellent assistant in this, the platform from the company TradeToolsFX reliable. It does not freeze and does not cause problems when downloading information. Thus, the trader receives many new opportunities. He is always one step ahead of other market participants.

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