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Is the reliability of investments in the crypto currency high?

Is the reliability of investments in the crypto currency high?The reliability of investments in crypto currency is of concern to very many users. Bitcoin and forks grow in price, so they seem to be profitable for investors. But the owners of real (fiat) funds do not risk investing in the crypto currency, because it does not seem reliable. Why does not she look like this?

The code instead of metal

The usual money is made of metal or paper. Yes, they can be electronic, but in any case such money has a physical expression. A person can come to the bank and get cash. Bitcoins have only the code. They are not printed and are not created at any particular point. A fully decentralized currency can not be controlled. This is what causes distrust of investors. In addition, bitcoin and altcoins are characterized by excessive volatility. What influences the course? Most investors do not know how the course of the crypto currency is formed at all.


Should I invest?

Yes, you can invest in the crypto currency. The main thing is not to do it too fanatically. It is unlikely that platforms with bitcoins, lightcoins and other forks will disappear somewhere. The main risk to which an investor is exposed is the probability of a fall in the value of the currency. Holders of capital (and not only them) compare today's popularity of the bitcoins with the dot-com era, when the soap bubble was quickly swelled and blown away in a short time. What happens to bitcoins is a bit like the dotcom era. But the crypto currency will not be easily deflated.

More realistic is the risk of a fall in the value of a particular crypto currency or a decrease in the cost of altcoyn by several times. Sooner or later the price of them will stabilize. Therefore, an experienced investor is advised to behave cautiously.

How to invest in the crypto currency

Unsuccessfully invested in one crypto currency, the investor risks losing most of the funds. That's why the crypto currency is a good investment for a small capital. In an extreme case, having a more substantial amount, you can distribute it among several types of crypto currency. Do not give up bitcoin: despite the fact that he is a leader, this currency still has growth potential.

Careful is to treat the little-known currencies that were issued relatively recently. Such crypto-currencies may not grow, but they are more susceptible to manipulation by fraudsters. After all, the rate of such a currency is easily inflated to attract investors' capital to a new project.

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