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Regulation of the market crypto currency: whether it is necessary

Regulation of the market crypto currency: whether it is necessaryRegulation of the market crypto-currency: features and nuances

The issue of regulating the market of crypto-currencies now occupies many. This topic interests officials and ordinary people. There are active discussions about whether it is necessary to regulate this market and what actions to take.

Crypto-currencies have firmly entered our reality, therefore it is not possible to ignore their existence and serious influence on the economy. However, the regulation of the crypto-currency market involves a number of objective difficulties.

 Complexities of regulation of the market crypto-currencies

You can interpret the very concept of "crypto-currency" in different ways. This is an analogue of the usual currency or a variety of the existing one. This moment is extremely important, since any bill requires a clear formulation. Or you can recognize the crypto currency as a previously unknown tool for which you need to write down the relevant norms.

As for the practical side of the issue, it is extremely difficult to determine the identity of the person who performs operations with the crypto currency. Such transactions can not be controlled, canceled, or verified.

However, even in such conditions, one can find ways to regulate the market of crypto-currencies. These are changes in the tax sphere, licensing, equating mining with entrepreneurial activities, registration of special exchanges, recognition of the crypto currency as an investment asset and a payment instrument. It is possible to name other ways, which some states now apply.

Advantages of market regulation Crypto-currency

Problems with the regulation of the crypto-currency market are due to the fact that any method of such regulation implies the possibility of circumvention. This complicates the situation. However, it is still possible to regulate such a market. To do this, the crypto currency must be so tightly embedded in the economy of the country that they will have to interact with structures subject to regulation.

Theoretically, we allow the second option, in which all countries will adopt the same draft law on crypto-currency. However, to assume this is not possible.

The real advantage of regulating the market of crypto-currencies will be increased security. Investors will receive additional protection in the event of the collapse of projects. It will be possible to prosecute scammers. State funds will be allocated to the development of the cryptosphere, since this market will come out of the shadow sector.

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