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payment solution processor MT4 / MT5 / FXGOChicago / Il - The TradeTools FX technology group was founded in 2008 by a group of highly experienced IT professionals with the goal to create simple, secure and user friendly solutions for the FX market.
CHICAGO - October 19, 2020.

TradeToolsFX presents you a unique payment solution processor MT4 / FXGO and another trading platforms for integrating payment systems with your business!

For more than 6 months we have been working on a new product for your business, listening to your desires and today we are glad to present it to you!

PayPro is a unique payment solution processor MT4 / FXGO and another trading platforms for brokers and traders of any size!

PayPro quickly organizes the acceptance of MT4 / FXGO and another trading platforms payments on any of your resources!


The main advantages of PayPro payment solutions MT4 / FXGO and another trading platforms, which fundamentally distinguish our payment processor from others:

- The payment processing system is designed as an online application that provides constant access;
- all operations in one window with filters, the ability to download and in-system currency conversion;
- connection of a payment gateway is simplified as much as possible, including cryptocurrency payments, no special skills are required;
- setting any commission for processing payments, both for banks and for users;
- the number of payment gateways is not limited, provides many-to-many communication, you can use existing ones or connect your own;
- centralized control panel control system with setting access rights;
- the most simplified system for connecting servers of various platforms for making payments, which does not require special skills;
- you can connect an unlimited number of your clients;
- a centralized white label management system for your customers with the ability to install, replace, purchase, etc .;
- virtual terminal for testing the payment dialogue and applied settings;
- centralized control panel for withdrawal requests with a ticket system;
- ease of installation and maintenance;
- no country restrictions;
- the ability to block clients by country;
- fast transfer or receipt of money from anywhere in the world.

You can read more information about the payment solution processor on the product page: https://www.tradetoolsfx.com/index.php/payments-solutions

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Sales: +1.708.515.4598
Support: +1.708.515.4908

875 N Michigan Ave,
Suite 3100, Chicago, IL 60611