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Webtrader lite. Binary Options widget for binary options brokers!

binary options widget logoTradeToolsFX company presents a widget for brokers who specialize in binary options and crypto binary options!

Looking for a simple and elegant solution for your binary options website?
Use the Binary Options widget, the entire installation of this solution takes 1 minute!

Right after installing the Binary Options widget on your site, you will appreciate the power and simplicity of this solution!
You do not need any special knowledge of programming languages, everything will be done by the technical support of TradeToolsFX!

Binary Options widget is your choice if:

- you do binary options
- you need a simple solution for your customers that works online!


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MT4 / MT5 Grey Label

grey label logoAre you planning to establish a Forex or Binary Option brokerage company with minimal costs? Choosing MT4 / MT5 Grey Label may be the best solution for you.

MT4 / MT5 Grey label is a low-cost software that works just like you own the main server, and provides all the necessary assistance to handle the trading requirements of your customers and allows you to expand as your business grows.

About Grey label platform.

Also known as the “Universal White Label”, it may be the first step towards creating a small business of online brokerage Forex and Binary options. In fact, if you try to understand in a clear form, Grey Label is just a shared version of the White Label or Main Label of the MT4 / MT5 platform. For clients who are just starting to work in the Forex industry and have a solid vision of the future of ideas, but do not have financial stability, they can simply start with the Grey Label and, later on, develop into the White Label and Main Label, many of our clients follow the same path and made a brand that they own and successfully run a business.

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Online trades manager update

Online trades managerImportant update for Online Trades Manager.

We are glad to present you the next update of the risk mamagement tool for brokers metatrader 4 and 5 "Online Trades Manager".

And so what's new in the new version:
1. Interface management tables have the ability to customize the display
2. There was a sorting by a given field
3. Now you can close the order for open orders. If the order is closed, then you have the opportunity to edit it completely.
4. We listen to your requests - now there is an opportunity to get full detailed information about the account

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Sports betting

sports bettingBookmakers associate many with sports betting.

But this is not true. In fact, they can bet on a wide variety of events, even the most incredible ones.

Recently, financial rates have become increasingly popular. Not all people are interested in sports, but there are practically no people indifferent to finances, especially in our unstable time. The fluctuation of exchange rates makes people with bated breath follow their quotes. Financial literacy is growing, but not everyone knows that you can not only contemplate what is happening around you, but also make money from various financial events. Today we will try to figure out how to do this.

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MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 and FXGO - Comparison of versions, what to choose and which is better

A trading platform is a workspace of a trader.
This is where you will spend most of your time.
On all these platforms you can trade on Forex, CFD, Binary Options, Crypto and so on.
The main features of MT4, MT5 and FXGO are safety, mobility and multifunctionality.

CRM for brokers overview

Ease of money management is your trump card in the financial world!
TradeToolsFX CRM for brokers is your real assistant in the financial markets!

Do you need a tool that will help you streamline finances with the ease of a children's toy?
We offer you a real CRM for working with finances, products, whitelabel, deposit and withdrawal of funds and much more!

From the first minute you will understand that a business without CRM is not a business at all! And in a month you will feel the full power of our product!
The only problem is that you have to find where to spend the time you have freed from work!



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Forex software

forex-softwareNecessary Forex software trading

We are talking about convenient trading terminals and applications that greatly facilitate the work of a market participant, allowing you to get all the necessary information online.

Programs for trading on the Forex market - forex software

Forex software today are presented in a wide range. Each broker or trader can choose for himself the system that will meet his professional and aesthetic requirements.

First of all, this suggests that the user himself can create conditions in which he will subsequently work.

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Ubridge + FXGO = YOU WIN


We are pleased to inform you that our innovative product Ubridge (FIX bridge) now works together with our other well-known product FXGO, which allows our customers to save significant money and time.

Our solution provides a reliable connection between data providers and liquidity.
We offer a complete solution that is powerful and comparable to the more popular brands on the market.

Our network connectivity allows you to integrate with your back office application.

Advanced Tools for the Ambitious Trader

val in office2smallOn a Friday evening, during peak trading hours, a prominent brokerage firm ran into a myriad of technical problems. In their quest to migrate platforms, from MT4 to MT5, the team of stockbrokers, traders, codebase users, and programmers, came to the realization that their existing technology investments weren’t equipped to handle the delicate task. It just so happens that the trading platforms—MT4 and MT5—are built with different programming languages, despite being developed by the same developer.

In scramble mode, the brokerage contacted TradeToolsFX, a renowned algo trading solution provider located in the Greater Chicago area. “We got them out of trouble, and did so in a very short time,” says Val Lazovski, general director of TradeToolsFX, an organization that has established a “friend of the trader and broker” reputation in the market. “Even though it was the weekend, we jumped on the project and facilitated the client’s migration by late Sunday. We’re always willing to go that extra mile for our clients,” adds Lazovski.

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