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Development of the Crypto-currency in 2018: excellent prospects, new opportunities

Development of the Crypto-currency in 2018: the opinion of specialists

The market of crypto-currencies is one of the most promising and fast-developing industries. At the moment, electronic money is being integrated with the traditional financial system. Already today they are used to pay for goods and services, purchase of real estate and jewelry. Financial advisors forecast strengthening of positions and further development of the Crypto-currency in 2018, and do not exclude the possibility of raising their status to a system-forming factor in the near future.

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Will the binary options on crypto-currencies be profitable in 2018?

What's new in the market for crypto currency in 2018

The sharp growth of bitcoin in 2017 led to the fact that many people were interested in binary options on crypto-currencies, which allow multiplying the available capital several times. The number of people who want to invest their savings in digital coins is growing rapidly.

In 2018, the crypto currency will be legalized in Singapore, Japan, Switzerland and the US, which will cause even greater excitement around binary options. According to analysts' forecasts, in 2018 most of the existing crypto-currencies will strengthen their positions, plus an additional 10 new ones will appear.

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FXGO official press release

Mobile app for trading Forex, Crypto and Binary Options overview by TradeToolsFX page: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tradetoolsfx.fxgo
FXGO for Android®, a mobile application that will greatly simplify the very process of trading, which is characterized by a fairly tight schedule. After all, each trader, for sure, it is important to be able to use your time with maximum efficiency. Especially in the case when you combine your trade with other forms of employment.

Chicago, USA - December 5, 2017 - TradeToolsFX today released FXGO for Android®. FXGO is a mobile application TradeToolsFX, able to satisfy the appetites of the most demanding traders, offers you to immerse yourself in the intellectual world of trade with a pleasant interface. We have a wide range of assets on our platform. These are the most popular pairs of Forex: EUR / USD, GBP / USD, AUD / CAD, CFD and shares of leading companies: Apple, IBM, as well as the most popular crypto-currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum and others!


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New mobile app for trading Forex, Crypto and Binary options (Google Android and Apple iOS)

NEW! Mobile application for trading Forex, Crypto and binary options (Google Android and Apple iOS).

 Why do you need a mobile application for trading Forex, Crypto or binary options market.

 The mobile application greatly simplifies the very process of trading, which is characterized by a fairly tight schedule. After all, each trader, for sure, it is important to be able to use your time with maximum efficiency. Especially in the case when you combine your trade with other forms of employment (including, with work or study on a full or part-time basis).

It often happens that profitable trade for users in different time zones of our country falls on evening or night. It may be that the presence of the Forex market is extremely necessary in the morning hours. By installing a mobile application on your smartphone running on Android or iOS platforms, while remaining online, you can not break away from other businesses and be efficient as a trader.

TradeToolsFX Technology launches new Webtrader 2.0

The TradeTools FX technology group was founded in 2008 by a group of highly experienced IT professionals with the goal to create simple, secure and user friendly solutions for the FX market. Our software engineers have years of experience in providing custom tools and solutions for FX brokers, money managers and financial institutions around the world. Our custom solutions enable companies to maximize profits by offering innovative solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into an existing infrastructure or as a standalone offering.

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Bloomberg about us

Tradetools Technology Inc. provides custom tools and solutions for Forex brokers, money managers, and financial institutions worldwide.

Its products include MT4 Multi Account Trader, a multi account trader application for brokerages to offer their professional traders and money managers a trading tool to operate multiple MT4 trading accounts simultaneously, while trading from one master account; and Binary Options on MT4, a client-side program that interacts with MT4 without using DLL/EXE files in the MT4 client terminal.

The company also offers FX LITE Desktop, a trading platform developed based on the Web technologies that simplifies the setup, management, and application processes for brokers; Trade Copier Plugin that is designed to automatically copy items from specific groups into a single MT4 account; and Forex Trading System, a trading platform designed as a turnkey system for Forex and binary options brokers.

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Binary Options Trader (“BOT”) EA

TradeToolsTFX is excited to announce the latest method clients can trade binary options via the MT4 platform – the Binary Options Trader (“BOT”) EA.

Clients simply install the BOT EA available through one of TTFX’s partner brokers and then are able to instantly begin trading binary options on MT4 alongside, Forex, CFDs and Indices.

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