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Ubridge + FXGO = YOU WIN


We are pleased to inform you that our innovative product Ubridge (FIX bridge) now works together with our other well-known product FXGO, which allows our customers to save significant money and time.

Our solution provides a reliable connection between data providers and liquidity.
We offer a complete solution that is powerful and comparable to the more popular brands on the market.

Our network connectivity allows you to integrate with your back office application.

Advanced Tools for the Ambitious Trader

val in office2smallOn a Friday evening, during peak trading hours, a prominent brokerage firm ran into a myriad of technical problems. In their quest to migrate platforms, from MT4 to another trading platforms, the team of stockbrokers, traders, codebase users, and programmers, came to the realization that their existing technology investments weren’t equipped to handle the delicate task. It just so happens that the trading platforms—MT4 and another trading platforms—are built with different programming languages, despite being developed by the same developer.

In scramble mode, the brokerage contacted TradeToolsFX, a renowned algo trading solution provider located in the Greater Chicago area. “We got them out of trouble, and did so in a very short time,” says Val Lazovski, general director of TradeToolsFX, an organization that has established a “friend of the trader and broker” reputation in the market. “Even though it was the weekend, we jumped on the project and facilitated the client’s migration by late Sunday. We’re always willing to go that extra mile for our clients,” adds Lazovski.

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The main exchanges for buying cryptocurrency are reliable platforms with favorable terms.

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Specialized exchanges - electronic platforms for the purchase of cryptocurrency

To become the owner of cryptocurrency, it is not necessary to engage in its mining. You can get what you want in a more simple way - transfer part of your savings into Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, another liquid e-currency. The main exchanges for the purchase of cryptocurrencies serve our compatriots, giving them the opportunity to quickly and easily acquire / sell various cryptocurrencies. Secure transactions on specialized Internet resources guaranteed.

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What awaits the cryptocurrency market in the near future

a4b9Cryptocurrencies are experiencing a real "boom", and not only such popular ones as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lightcoin or Ripl, but also less known ones. Indeed, it is much easier to buy a young cryptocurrency than the same BTC.

Since the scope of mining and trading is unstable, unpredictable, users often wonder what the cryptocurrency market is waiting for in the near future. Let's see what the experts think about this.


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How is cryptocurrency trading: the basics of trade

bitcoin robots

How does cryptocurrency trading differ from Forex trading?

Unlike ordinary currencies and securities that are traded on Forex, cryptocurrency is global. Virtual coins are not tied to a specific country, which ensures their independence. In addition, traders do not pay taxes for the presence of bitcoins and other coins in their assets, since this currency is not controlled at the state level, it is not considered property or money.

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The market cryptocurrency collapsed by 15 percent. What's happening?

bitcoin 081818gettyThe Bitcoin rate fell from 6.6 thousand dollars to 4 thousand, and other cryptocurrencies collapsed along with it. We will tell you what happened to cryptocurrencies and which of them is worth investing in to win in the long run.

What happened and why?

Everyone says that cryptocurrency rates have fallen. In practice, this means that just a day ago you could sell Bitcoin a thousand dollars more than you do now. The rate fell to 4 thousand dollars.

Why this happened, you can not say for sure. In the ordinary stock market, the reason is always clearly visible; in the case of the cryptocurrency market, the effect is usually visible, and then the reason becomes clear. That is, if the US Federal Reserve Bank raises the discount rate, the dollar will grow. With a cryptocurrency such a scenario is impossible, they have no regulator. As a rule, the reasons for the collapse lie in the region rather psychological, for example, people decide to buy a lot or sell a lot: that’s why Bitcoin grew in due time.

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Tools for brokers

Tools for binary options brokersTools for brokers that should be used by every binary options broker.

Binary trading tools

The principle of binary trading is to correctly predict and decide whether the value of the asset will increase or decrease. Every sensible person understands that success cannot be achieved by relying only on economic intuition. Well, if the broker has an extensive arsenal of various tools that will help him achieve the most important, that is, profit.

- Every sensible trader understands that success cannot be achieved, relying only on economic intuition.

Binary options trading tools are one of the main success factors. Binary trading opens up excellent prospects, but it will be positive only with a competent approach and the use of all tools. Many successful traders have in their arsenal and use entire tool complexes, which allows minimizing risks while avoiding losses. Tools can be a good help to create a working strategy. Binary options trading tools are different and universal, so it does not matter where in the world a person lives.

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TradeToolsFX present Anti Scalper plugin for metatrader 4

Almost all MT4 brokers have protection against execution delays. Such solutions help minimize the risks caused by unfair trade. TradeToolsFX provides a new plugin AntiScalper (Antiscalping) to protect against scalpers.

The AntiScalper plugin is designed to use anti-scalping policies for a specific group of traders to prevent them from closing orders within a certain time after opening.

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EOS cryptocurrency record holder: the last way to make money fast or the biggest scam?

In just one year, the EOS token caused a sensation in the crypto-community, earned the nickname of “ethereum killer” and brought the most successful profits to its most successful owners. Without news about it, not a week goes by, and enthusiasts and investors can’t come to a common opinion: what will EOS become - one of the most successful blockchain projects or a huge failure of $ 4.2 billion.

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