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Is the reliability of investments in the crypto currency high?The reliability of investments in crypto currency is of concern to very many users. Bitcoin and forks grow in price, so they seem to be profitable for investors. But the owners of real (fiat) funds do not risk investing in the crypto currency, because it does not seem reliable. Why does not she look like this?

The code instead of metal

The usual money is made of metal or paper. Yes, they can be electronic, but in any case such money has a physical expression. A person can come to the bank and get cash. Bitcoins have only the code. They are not printed and are not created at any particular point. A fully decentralized currency can not be controlled. This is what causes distrust of investors. In addition, bitcoin and altcoins are characterized by excessive volatility. What influences the course? Most investors do not know how the course of the crypto currency is formed at all.

What crypto currency existsIn the world every year, more and more crypto-currency. After successful bitcoin, other projects based on the blockade appeared, which became quite popular. Many users are interested in what crypto currency exists in the world. There are many of them, and it will not work. But you can learn about the largest.

Five world giants crypto-currency

There are more than 850 varieties of crypto-currency in the world, but only 5 of them are quite large. The word "large" means the cost of one unit and the total value of all issued signs. The first place in this list is occupied by bitcoin (Bitcoin) - the market leader. The cost of bitcoin is constantly changing, therefore it is difficult to name any particular figure. Like all crypto-currencies, it is characterized by high volatility.

Bitcoin - "superstar" of the foreign exchange market Bitcoin - "superstar" of the foreign exchange market

Despite the fact that bitcoin is still a very young currency, even the dollar can envy its popularity. He often becomes an object of excitement on trading floors. Thousands of people around the world literally hunt for this virtual currency. Mining has become quite a serious activity. A couple of decades ago, it was hard to imagine, but today it's reality. Let's try to understand why so popular bitcoin.

A bit of history

Bitcoin first appeared in 2009. Then its cost was negligible - 0.05 dollars. In just a few years, the rate of the crypto currency has grown tens of thousands of times, and today, about 1 bitcoin is given about 8,000 dollars. Impressive statistics!

Such an indicator as volatility, that is, price volatility, in bitcoin is beyond competition. No real currency in the world can compete with bitcoin for volatility. It is this - the opportunity to play in large on the difference in rates - so attracts speculators. Bitcoin creates ample room for maneuver, get rich easily and quickly - every financial market player dreams about it.

What do you risk, investing in the crypto currencyWhat do you risk, investing in the crypto currency?

Crypto-currencies, which have turned traditional ideas about financial markets, are an investment instrument attractive for many. To earn on them, and not bad, you can with a small starting capital. Crypto-currencies that appeared recently have a minimal cost, and, looking at bitcoin, it can be argued that they have every chance of explosive growth. At the same time, investing in tokens involves a variety of risks, many of which are not common to other financial markets. What do you risk, investing in the crypto currency? A list of the main threats is in this article.

Development of the Crypto-currency in 2018: the opinion of specialists

The market of crypto-currencies is one of the most promising and fast-developing industries. At the moment, electronic money is being integrated with the traditional financial system. Already today they are used to pay for goods and services, purchase of real estate and jewelry. Financial advisors forecast strengthening of positions and further development of the Crypto-currency in 2018, and do not exclude the possibility of raising their status to a system-forming factor in the near future.

What's new in the market for crypto currency in 2018

The sharp growth of bitcoin in 2017 led to the fact that many people were interested in binary options on crypto-currencies, which allow multiplying the available capital several times. The number of people who want to invest their savings in digital coins is growing rapidly.

In 2018, the crypto currency will be legalized in Singapore, Japan, Switzerland and the US, which will cause even greater excitement around binary options. According to analysts' forecasts, in 2018 most of the existing crypto-currencies will strengthen their positions, plus an additional 10 new ones will appear.

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