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Ways to profit from crypto currency without leaving homeWays to profit from crypto currency without leaving home

You managed to earn a crypto currency and now you are puzzled by how to spend your money? It is not necessary to lose interest on conversion, many services accept digital coins for payment. There are a lot of options to spend the crypto currency, and much will depend on how much you have.

How To Make Money OnlineIs it possible to earn bitcoins without investments?

With the popularity of crypto currency, many users have the question: "How to earn bitcoins without investments?" Owners of seed capital are engaged in mining, organize farms or cloud servers. But those who do not have the means to promote, but have a huge desire to become the owner of the cherished crypto currency, also have the opportunity to increase their capital. Of course, it is not worth hoping for huge profits, especially at the initial stage.

Bitcoin Private has taken place in the bitcoin networkToday, on February 28, at 17:00 UTC in the bitcoin network and ZClassic, Bitcoin Private has been hosted, which will support the protocol based on the zero-disclosure zk-SNARK.
Update 2
The average price of ZClassic since the moment of the hard-core subsided by 60% (as of 18:53 UTC).
TradeSatoshi again went online. The drop in the price of ZClassic on this platform was almost 90%.

Statistics of investments in crypto currencyInvestments in the crypto currency: the statistics of the growth of exchange rates and analysis of information

In the nomination "Discovery 2017" the palm of the championship can be deservedly given to the Crypto-currencies. Although the first crypto currency, bitcoin, for a decade or so - for the past year, digital coins have excited the minds of Internet project consumers with the rapid growth of their rates. Those who invested in bitcoins at the dawn of formation, have already earned a fabulous profit on them - the rate of bitcoin has grown millions of times over this time.


In the last couple of years, the rise in the value of the Crypto-currency has attracted a lot of attention from everyone who wants to earn on the Internet. Crypto currency is digital money protected by cryptographic encryption and is not dependent, for example, on rising oil prices and the stability of major world currencies. Cryptoboom has developed quite rapidly, so for most Internet users, bitcoins and their ilk are still a "dark horse" and require scrupulous study.



Crypto Trading PlatformCrypto Trading platform from the Company TradeToolsFX!

TradeToolsFX Crypto Trading platform (TTFX-CTP) is an independent platform for working with cryptographic currency. The system works with Forex, binary options, etc.
The specialists of TradeToolsFX have created a platform, which is a distributed system, which in turn is divided into separate components, which ensures high-quality work of the trading platform.
All components of the platform are connected to each other and to the main trading server. The primary server stores the settings of all components.

TradeToolsFX is the first company in the world to launch a new brokerage product for working with crypto-currency pairs on the Metatrader 4 trading platform in real time.
CHICAGO - Feb. 20, 2018 In a long time, this aspect in the brokerage world was unrealizable. Thanks to the well-coordinated work of the team of programmers TradeToolsFX managed to implement a system of combining crypto-currency pairs in Metatrader 4.

Thus, our product will be extremely useful for brokers who decided to deal with crypto currency trading, but do not want to switch to Metatrader 5.

What is the difference between Bitcoin, Primecoin and PeercoinCrypto currency is becoming more and more, and for the bulk of the population they are all "one person". The difference between bitcoin, Primecoin and Peercoin is known only to a person who is aiming at crypto currency or is a programmer. Meanwhile, the difference between the first crypto currency and its derivatives is significant.

At the beginning was bitcoin

Bitcoin - crypto currency, with which a new era began. All other crypto-currencies are compared with it. The first digital currency is completely decentralized, differs anonymity and simplicity of use, consists exclusively of chains of the code, provides high speed of calculations worldwide. And the number of bitcoins is strictly limited, and very soon the issue for the mining of this currency will be cut by half.


Is the reliability of investments in the crypto currency high?The reliability of investments in crypto currency is of concern to very many users. Bitcoin and forks grow in price, so they seem to be profitable for investors. But the owners of real (fiat) funds do not risk investing in the crypto currency, because it does not seem reliable. Why does not she look like this?

The code instead of metal

The usual money is made of metal or paper. Yes, they can be electronic, but in any case such money has a physical expression. A person can come to the bank and get cash. Bitcoins have only the code. They are not printed and are not created at any particular point. A fully decentralized currency can not be controlled. This is what causes distrust of investors. In addition, bitcoin and altcoins are characterized by excessive volatility. What influences the course? Most investors do not know how the course of the crypto currency is formed at all.

What crypto currency existsIn the world every year, more and more crypto-currency. After successful bitcoin, other projects based on the blockade appeared, which became quite popular. Many users are interested in what crypto currency exists in the world. There are many of them, and it will not work. But you can learn about the largest.

Five world giants crypto-currency

There are more than 850 varieties of crypto-currency in the world, but only 5 of them are quite large. The word "large" means the cost of one unit and the total value of all issued signs. The first place in this list is occupied by bitcoin (Bitcoin) - the market leader. The cost of bitcoin is constantly changing, therefore it is difficult to name any particular figure. Like all crypto-currencies, it is characterized by high volatility.

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