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Tools for brokers

Tools for binary options brokersTools for brokers that should be used by every binary options broker.

Binary trading tools

The principle of binary trading is to correctly predict and decide whether the value of the asset will increase or decrease. Every sensible person understands that success cannot be achieved by relying only on economic intuition. Well, if the broker has an extensive arsenal of various tools that will help him achieve the most important, that is, profit.

- Every sensible trader understands that success cannot be achieved, relying only on economic intuition.

Binary options trading tools are one of the main success factors. Binary trading opens up excellent prospects, but it will be positive only with a competent approach and the use of all tools. Many successful traders have in their arsenal and use entire tool complexes, which allows minimizing risks while avoiding losses. Tools can be a good help to create a working strategy. Binary options trading tools are different and universal, so it does not matter where in the world a person lives.

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TradeToolsFX present Anti Scalper plugin for metatrader 4

Almost all MT4 brokers have protection against execution delays. Such solutions help minimize the risks caused by unfair trade. TradeToolsFX provides a new plugin AntiScalper (Antiscalping) to protect against scalpers.

The AntiScalper plugin is designed to use anti-scalping policies for a specific group of traders to prevent them from closing orders within a certain time after opening.

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EOS cryptocurrency record holder: the last way to make money fast or the biggest scam?

In just one year, the EOS token caused a sensation in the crypto-community, earned the nickname of “ethereum killer” and brought the most successful profits to its most successful owners. Without news about it, not a week goes by, and enthusiasts and investors can’t come to a common opinion: what will EOS become - one of the most successful blockchain projects or a huge failure of $ 4.2 billion.

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HelpDesk in Client Portal

helpdeskGood afternoon, dear customers!
TradeToolsFX Company is pleased to announce that the HelpDesk system has been added to the Client Portal product, so you and your clients can always solve problems online.

HelpDesk - automated systems created to monitor the processing and execution of client requests.

Our system has a fairly extensive set of functionality and the simplest interface.

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TradeToolsFX released PAMM-module for MetaTrader 4 and another trading platforms

MAMPAMMThe global provider of brokerage solutions TradeToolsFX launches an addition to its product portfolio for another trading platforms, a module for managing interest distribution. Since 2008, the company has developed a wide range of products for MetaTrader 4. Now, when the market switches to the fifth generation of the platform, TradeToolsFX company produces solutions already for MetaTrader 5 brokers.

The PAMM module for and another trading platforms was developed taking into account the requirements of the end user. It includes a convenient portal for investors and managers, as well as an administrative web interface for a comfortable work setup. Trade restrictions for asset managers are absent.

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PAMM solutions

PAMMPAMM is a percentage distribution module. A PAMM account is a trading account consisting of an unlimited number of investor accounts representing an independent and unified trading structure that is controlled only by the manager (trader or company) of the PAMM account. The PAMM allows the trader to distribute transactions between an unlimited number of accounts through one MT4 and another trading platforms.

PAMM service from TradeToolsFX is an investment product provided to brokerage clients and allows to manage investors' capital by copying transactions of the managing trader on other accounts. Each account of the subscriber has its own share in the PAMM, depending on its size. The results of trading activity (deals, trade results) are distributed among subscribers' accounts, in accordance with their shares.

PAMM solutions from TradeToolsFX guarantees accurate and instant copying of transactions without limitations of subscriber's capital.

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How to invest in the PAMM and what do you need to know about these accounts?

pammA competent combination of efforts of several businessmen on the way to a common goal can significantly increase their profits. Forex is not an exception. To make the best use of your resources, it is sometimes enough to open a PAMM-account and attract investors. However, it should be remembered that in this case common profits will be not only profits, but also losses. Joint investing on the Forex exchange has its risks and advantages, which you should know about before choosing a PAMM.

What is PAMM

The PAMM-account is a kind of managed account on the Forex. The essence of his work is that he is replenished by several investors. After the conclusion of transactions by a trader, the profit or loss from them is divided proportionally to the size of the deposits. The abbreviation "PAMM" stands for the term Percent Allocation Management Module.

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PAMM Account Concept

pamm softwareStart earning real money right now! More details about the PAMM platform.

A PAMM account is a trading account consisting of one or more Managed accounts, which in their totality represent a single trading structure, the trading within which the PAMM Account Manager conducts. If there are several Managed accounts in the same PAMM-account, then the trading platform considers them as a single whole.

How does the PAMM-account function? Everything is extremely simple: both the profit and losses accumulated on the PAMM-account are divided proportionally between the Investors' accounts.

Open a PAMM-account is very profitable for Investors, as the latter have a real opportunity to make a profit without making any trading operations on their account and not delving into the subtleties of the science of investing. The PAMM-account is favorable and the Manager receiving remuneration for performing operations on managing the Investor's accounts. To select the best option for the PAMM-account, the investor should first familiarize himself with their rating and assess the effectiveness of the trading of Managers.

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